Breasted drum of the matrilineal Fanti people, southern Ghana.
Carved circa 1930.

breasted drum with legs sitting on animal, carved in wood


drum carved as a woman holding her breasts



Yoruba drum
in the shape of
a lifegiving mother

drum carved in fine relief with image of mermaid-like goddess



Drum of Ijebu Yoruba
with orisha predecessor of Mami Wata








Haitian drum with breasts,
"four moments of the sun" cross,
and vulva

A tribute to African Diaspora Drummers

tall wooden drum with carved breasts and vulva

drumhead as belly of wooden woman


Woman-shaped drum.
Adivasi, aborginal India
(no ethnic identification
was given).
oval drum with painted woman waving a streamer
Saami drum painted with image of Mader Akka, great Mother and co-creatrix.
(drawing, not original photo)

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