Greek Art circa 750-650 BCE ... Max Dashu
(the "Geometric Period": Roots of classical Greece)

Goddess of the Animals

Goddess of the Animals, with winglike sleeves and flanked by wolves, birds, and a fish between her legs.

dancing women wearing leaves, with snakes between them

Women dancing with skirts of snakes or foliage, circa 750 bce


women dancing in row

Dancing women with symbols and lions, and serpents coiling up the vessel's handles and around its rim.


man dragging woman onto ship with many rowers

This scene of a man taking a woman onto a warship has been suggested as an image of Paris and Helen, an elopement said to have triggered the Trojan War.


row of women dancing with branchlets

This upper panel on a funerary amphora shows women dancing with branchlets in their hands.


robed figure with griffin

Rotund figure with griffin. Identified as male figure,
but really? Seal from Vapheio, near Sparta.


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