Suppressed Histories: Central Europe

breastpot slovakia

A visual presentation by Max Dashu

cirna figurineNeolithic roundels and longhouses. Ceramics of the Bükk and Körös cultures, the Linear Bandkeramik, and the glorious Moravian Painted Ware. Lengyel figurines, the invoking figurines of Hluboké-Masuvek and Strelice, and the female effegies of the Baden culture. Breast-murals of Ludwigschafen and breast-pots of Switzerland. A later wave of breastpots, circa 1500 bce, in Slovakia and Lusatia, and a contemporary array of standing female altar pieces in Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria. The painted stelae of Kivik in Sweden, Sun Wagon of Trungholm in Denmark, and the similar solar discs that Danish women wore on their belts. The Strettweg Goddess wagon in Austria. Moonhorns in Switzerland! Animal pots! and more.

This is a European history most people have never seen.

90 minutes, plus time for discussion and questions.

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