Visual presentation by Max Dashú:

Requires digital projector

90 minutes


Chaos and Wisdom

in the center there are essences, most true essences

Cycladic vulva tablet with spiralsA visual journey into spirals, vital Essence, and the creative power of deep Night, via sacred traditions of the Chinese, Maori, Greeks, Fang, Kogi, Irish, Dogon, and Maya. Serpents and eggs, labyrinths and womb vessels, oh yeah.

It's the Deep through which we are renewed, “the ocean of being from which the cosmos pours” (in the Chandi Paath). Experience it through the scriptures of signs in rock art, offering pots, and sacred objects.

And what does all this have to do with sleep, butterflies, spirals, Zapatistas, and the massive transformations that we are facing now?

a visual presentation by Max Dashu

Tairona mother goddess

First there was the sea. All was dark. There was no sun, nomoon,nor people, animals, or plants. Only the sea was everywhere. The sea was the Mother...
--Cosmogony of the Kogi People, Colombia