The Cosmic Weaver

A live visual presentation by Max Dashu

Creator goddesses and spinners of fate around the world: Neith, "Mother of the Gods" in Egypt, and the Seventh Nummo of the Dogon. Xi Wangmu, the cosmic pivot of the Big Dipper, and the Weaver Maiden in China. The Moirae of Greece and the Roman Parcae. Grandmother Spider in the Mississippian and Pueblo cultures, as well as in Navajo tradition. Maya Chak Chel and Aztec Tocí / Tlazolteotl, and Takutsi Nakawé of the Huichol. Weaver in the Moon in Iroquois and other North American sacred story. The Wyrd Sisters in Britain, Scandinavian Norns, Fatas and Sudice and Laimas. And more from the Andaman Islands, Iraq, Bali, Aotearoa, Peru, and among the Kuna of Panamá

90 minutes, with break and extra time for discussion and questions. Requires mic, digital projector, screen or light wall suitable for projection.

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