Global-Spectrum Presentations by Max Dashu

visual presentations by Max Dashu

Live talks with digital images
(90 minutes; also available in 60 minute version)


Treasures of African Women: I and II

Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe

Suppressed Histories: Afghanistan

Suppressed Histories: Mexico

Suppressed Histories: Spain / Portugal

Suppressed Histories: Ethiopia

Suppressed Histories: Central Europe

Magna Mater / Isis of 10,000 Names

The Goddess Veiled

Sheela-na-gigs and Apocryphal Saints

Witches and Pagans

Witch Hunts


Africana Style: women's dress

Suppressed Histories: Zimbabwe

Suppressed Histories: Mississippia

Suppressed Histories: Crete/Aegean

Suppressed Histories: Greece

Suppressed Histories: Egypt III

Suppressed Histories: Italy I and II


Women's Power in Global Perspective

Female Liberators and Women's Movements

Rebel Shamans: Women Confront Empire

Woman Shaman Series: The Ancients

Woman Shaman Series: Living Traditions

Legacies of the Priestesses

Global Patterns: Colonizers and Resistance

Testimony of the Image: Treasures
from the Suppressed Histories Archives

Female Icons (ancient figurines)

Chaos and Wisdom: Cosmogonies

Deasophy: Goddess Wisdom

Sacred Women in the Americas

Xi Wangmu: Cosmic Weaver

Breasts! pots, doors, pectorals, founts

Sacra Vulva

Lesbian Heritages

Amazons and Women Warriors

Description pages are still being added; please inquire
if interested in descriptions for as yet unlinked titles.

All titles are live visual presentations. 90 minutes, with break, and time
afterwards for discussion. Or shortened version at 60 minutes.


Digital Shorts

Women in Rock Art

Sacred Stones

Megalithic Womb Tombs

Women of the African Diaspora

Women's Work


Coming soon:

female rebels and mavericks

mother-right and gender justice

taming the female body

racism: history and lies

the european conquests