Suppressed Histories: Ethiopia

I went in through the doors of the treasury of wisdom, and I drew for myself the waters of understanding. I went into the blaze of the sun's flame, and it lighted me with its splendor, and I made of it a shield for myself... —Makeda-be, queen of Sheba, in the Kebra Nagast

female monolith, larger than life size

A visual presentation by Max Dashu

Ancient Grandmother megaliths of southern Ethiopia—in Sidamo, Soddo, Silté, Tiya— and their shapes, styles, and symbolism: breasts and necklaces, beaded veil, gestures of invocation or benediction, teff grain, triadic and other signs. Makeda-be, queen of Sheba, and queenly stone statues of the 6th century bce. Amharic illuminated manuscripts, historical figures such as Gudit Isat / Judith the Fire. Women's ritual, dance, and arts. The Oromo goddess Atete as a protector of mothers, women's ritual and the origins of zar dances. Ethiopian and Eritrean women today; activists working to overturn harmful practices such as FGE and forced marriage.

60 minutes

Visual talk by Max Dashu. All titles are in-person visual presentations (average 90 minutes)
with a break midway and more time for questions and discussion.
Tech requirements: digital projector with VGA cable, screen, and mic.


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