Fatas, Fées and Faérie

A live visual presentation by Max Dashu

Taking the long view, we look at antecedents of the faery faith, in the ancestral women of megalithic France, old Gaulish and British goddesses, and stones of the Matres and Matronae (and the "hooded spirits" as well). The emblem of mirror and comb in faery stories and on Pictish stones. Fairy mounds: the siddhe, bergfolk, domus de janas, and elf-howes. The Tuatha Dé Danann in Ireland, with figures like Tailtiu and Tlachtga, and Y Mamau in Wales. Morgan le Fay, the Lady of the Lake, Dahut of Caer Ys, and The Nine Maidens. Mélusine, Sapiente Sibyllia, Habetrot, and Tante Arie. Water spirits, selkies, the wivern/vouivre and groac'h. Faery godmothers and "the good women who go by night."

90 minutes, with break and extra time for discussion and questions. Live visual talk; requires digital projector, screen or light wall suitable for projection, and mic.

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