International Presentations
array of African statues and paintings of women

global-spectrum visual presentations

Each title runs about 90 minutes (60-minute version available)
Most are slideshows, but a growing number are digital presentations.

(Left: Treasures of African Women)

New :: Digital Presentations ::

Treasures of African Women: Parts I and II

Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe

Sacred Women of the Americas

Woman Shaman Series: The Ancients

Woman Shaman Series: Living Traditions

Rebel Shamans: Women Confront Empire

Global Women's Movements

Treasures from the Suppressed Histories Archives: Shorts

Breasts! Pots, Doors, Pectorals and more...

Suppressed Histories: Afghanistan

Suppressed Histories: Ancient Spain and Portugal

Suppressed Histories: Crete/Aegean/Greece

Suppressed Histories: Ancient Italy

Xi Wangmu: Tigress, Grandmother, Cosmic Force

Suppressed Histories: Ancient Central Europe

Snakes, Tigers, and Animal Women

Chaos and Indigenous Wisdom

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All presentations below are available as Kodak Carousel slideshows

female spheres of power series

• women's power

• mother-right & gender justice

• woman shaman

• priestesses

• the women's drum

• women elders

• mysteries of conception and birth


confronting oppression series

female rebels and mavericks


taming the female body

women warriors

rebel shamans: indigenous women vs. empire

racism: history and lies

the european conquests


from women's hands series

potters and painters

the weavers

fabric arts: batik, embroidery, appliqué

baskets, beads & barkcloth

muralists and painters




regional histories series:









goddess cosmologies

mother earth

trees of life, corn mothers

mother of animals

snake women

ancestor mysteries and megaliths

womanhood initiations


female icons, ancestral mothers

matrikas ("female figurines")

sacra vulva

great goddess traditions

female buddhas

the goddess veiled

Goddess Traditions by Country / World Region