the weavers

Brilliant tapestries of the Salish and Navajo, Berbers and Bedouin, Moldavians and Timorese. Kilims and knotted carpets of west Asia. North American finger weaves. Kasai velvets of Zaire. Kasuri of Okinawa. Ikat. Batik. Adire. Embroidery of China, Russia and Mexico. Italian lace. Ñandutí webs of the Guaraní. Quilts, molas, pa ndao, felt mosaics.



potters and painters

Surveys some of the oldest known art by women: ochre-glazed and sculpted ceramics from China, Rumania, Iraq, Thailand, Sudan. Ecuador, Aztlán, Mali,Tunisia, Costa Rica, Germany, Arkansas and Brazil. Also Hopi, Shipibo, Arawak, and Mangbetu pottery. Ceramic art is a rich and often overlooked record of ancient iconography, with a stunning array of spirals, breast-pots, motherpots and animal libation vessels.


baskets, beads, barkcloth

Basket weaving of the Klickitat, Paiute, Makuxi and Basotho. Kiowa and Micmac quillwork. Creek, Nez Perce and Chamacoco fiber twining. Bead art from Panama, Aotearoa, Sarawak, Alaska and Natal. Calabash art of the African Sahel. Alaskan and Siberian fur-weaves. Cree and Yakut birchbark art. Bark paintings of Tonga, Kalimantan, Mexico and Cameroon.

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