Ancient Spain:
Ancestors, Shamans, Priestesses and Goddesses

Max Dashu presents an extremely rich and yet little-known cache of art and culture from ancient Spain and Portugal, spanning the Mesolithic to late antiquity.

Neolithic figurines in stone, bone, and clay; women in rock art and ancestral stelas; lunula necklaces and female diadems. The Iberian Goddess, her fusion with Ashtart of the Phoenicians and Tanit of Carthage, Isis and Demeter, and the persistent veneration of Ataecina. Las Damas de Galera, Elche, Baza, Alicante, and many more. Priestesses and devotees offering libation at the great sanctuaries of Cerro de los Santos, La Serreta, Torreparedones, Caudete. Women's ritual culture shown in ceramic painting and sculpture: musicians, processions, dancers, spinners, censers; wolf-women, bird-women, riders; the petroglyphs and ritual saunas of Portugal and Galicia.

90 minutes, with a break
(also available in shortened 60 minute version)

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