Sacred Dance, Women's Ceremony

Drink in a global view of women's communal dance, from ancient paintings, rock art, sculpture and murals, to modern round dances around the world. Ceremonial dances portrayed in Cypriot ceramics and Cretan seals, in bronzes from Cambodia and China, temple reliefs from India and Vietnam, paintings of maenads and Amazons dancing the kazatzka / hopak. Chinese sleeve-dancers, and archaic Greeks dancing with fronds, and kiva murals. Russian khorovod, Corn Dances and womanhood initiation dances in North America. Indigenous dances of India, Brazil, Ethiopia, the Pacific Islands, Siberia, Chad, and Indonesia. Zar dances of northeast Africa, Ring Shouts in the USA, kolo and horo and dabke, and ganggangsullae (Korean women’s Moon Dance).

90 minute live visual presentation, with extra time for questions and discussion. Requires digital projector with VGA connector cable and a dark room.


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