Woman Shaman Series: Living Traditions
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African Diviners and Healers

San rainmakers and trance healers; the izangoma of South Africa, shamanic women of Zimbabwe, Congo, Kenya, Namibia, Togo, Dahomey, Nigeria; the andina-s of the matrilineal Kunama in Eritrea; zar doctors of Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan; the bori magadjiyar of Hausa; and diasporic traditions of the Cuban priestesses of lucumí, Haitian mambos and the maes de santo of Brazil.



Medicine Women of the Americas

From the Arctic to the southern Andes, we look at female shamans in northern and western Canada, Oregon, northern California, the Plains Nations of Lakota, Blackfeet, Arapaho; the HoChunk, Menominee and Anishinaabek; the Iroquoian Haudenosaunee, Seminole, Apache, and Huichol; female healers in Venezuela and Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, and the machi of Chile.


Asian Women Shamans

Siberia shamans across northern Asia, with their drums, headdresses and robes, and the udagan of Mongolia; Korean mudang; Ainu and Okinawan kaminchu; babaylan and catalonan of the Philippines; hala and balian and dukun of Indonesia and Malaysia. Female shamans in Nepal, India, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand and China.

Vitality Healers

Ceremonies with chant and rattle, laying on hands, sweeping, sucking doctors, blowing, spraying, smudging, healing with stones, water, eggs, and herbal whisks. Philippines, Chile, South Africa, Kirghizistan, Mexico, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia, Cuba, Namibia, Venezuela, Canada, Sweden, Korea, Congo.


Woman Shaman Series: the Ancients

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