Sacred Signs

This visual talk looks at symbols including the Ankh and Tyet of Isis (knots as amulets); the Reed Bundle of Inanna; Ollín ("movement") and the Goddess of Teotihuacan; Nyame Dua (Ashanti, “altar of the Divine"); Four Moments of the Sun (Congo); Nun and Nummo (Egyptian and Dogon). Also Sri Chakra ("holy wheel") considered to be the embodiment of Goddess in India, and Tai Ji ("the great ultimate") in China.

Cosmic maps, labyrinths, vulva signs, ancestor eyes, the blessing hand, stars, and spirals, spirals, spirals. We'll survey signs and patterns on ancient ceramic painting, calabash art, embroidery, tattoos and body paint, as well as "the women's belt," from Isis to bronze age Denmark to the Maidu in California.

90 minute live visual presentation, with extra time for questions and discussion. Requires digital projector with VGA connector cable and a dark room.


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