Sacred Women in the Americas

Beginning with a visual survey of ancient figurines, many of them rarely published, we'll range from Alaska to California to Louisiana to Ecuador to Argentina. Other sacred themes that appear in art and tradition are Spider Grandmother, Corn Mothers, Old Woman Who Never Dies. Female spirits in petroglyphs, murals, and sacred dolls. Woman-pipes, breastpots, breastplates, ancestral mother stones. Murals of Teotihuacan and female creators in Aztec codices, the Popul Vuh, and Shawnee religion. Frog Mother, Bear Mother, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Changing Woman. And much more, drawing on archaeology, ancient and modern Indigenous art, about the female half of these important cultural traditions.

a visual presentation by Max Dashu

90 minutes. (60 minute shortened version also available) Powerpoint, requires digital projector, screen, mic


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