Women's Liberation Movements on a global scale

a visual presentation by Max Dashu

Women's activism in a hundred arenas around the world: fighting violence against women in all its forms, from battering to femicide to rape, for human rights, legal rights, equal rights in the workplace and in civic life, in family law, child custody, inheritance and property law. Women are doing battle for their full spectrum of reproductive rights, for sexual self-determination, including same-sex loving; for girls' rights to education and to a childhood free from coerced marriage and harmful cultural practices such as genital excision. We are fighting against female punishments ranging from stonings to witch-burnings to shame-killings; against dress codes imposed by state or religious authorities, and for women's personal right to mobility and access to public space and housing in their own right. We are pushing into professional and religious spheres of authority formerly reserved soley for men; working for medical care, access to clean water, protection of the forests and rivers, for indigenous sovereignty, and for female sovereignty in every arena of life.

90 minutes, followed by questions and discussion
(also available in shortened 60 minute version)

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