Full disclosure!

These two scans show how the background around two of the images was not fully cut out. To get it to show up here, I had to lighten it up in Photoshop. (But these views distort the poster itself, which has a much richer depth of color than on this page.)

The discrepancy still may not show up on your screen unless you turn brightness up to high. On the poster itself, the imperfection is barely noticeable in most indoor light but obvious in direct sunlight. (Any printed poster will fade in sunlight, not the best placement anyway.)

I'm a perfectionist; this print job is not up to my usual standards. I approved the press run because the proof looked great, and I expected results as fine as my other posters. But the printer failed to match press output to the proof, and blames the problem on color calibration between monitors. This experience has really soured me on using digital proofs.

At right is the second error:
the Chilean breastpot appears within a darker rectangle.

Anyway, mistakes happen!
It's all good because as a result, you can get a bargain on this poster of a much-ignored part of women's heritage.