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The Center for Babaylan Studies is dedicated to an exploration and illumination of the Babaylan, traditional Filipino healers, visioners, and culture bearers, whose wisdom and spirit can empower us in our daily lives and our communities and enable the healing and evolution of Filipino soul.

Feminist Africa provides a forum for progressive gender research and feminist dialogue, with a commitment to transforming gender hierarchies in Africa.

Death and the Divine: The Cihuateteo, Goddesses in the Mesoamerican Cosmovision
Anne Key's brilliant dissertation on divinized mothers who died in childbirth, the goddess Tlazolteotl, serpents, and more. Plus graphics. Not to be missed.

Chinese American Women: A History of Resilience and Resistance. Highly recommended exhibit on female emigrants to North America, early Chinatowns, violence against Asians, cultural traditions, and women's biographies

Women of India by Jyostna Kamat. A fascinating compendium ranging over culture, history, law, and activism, including widow's resistance to headshaving and a wide range of other topics.

Russian Women, by Wayne Dowler, University of Toronto at Scarborough, 1997. Excellent.

Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink: Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean, from the Guyanas to Central America, from the Antilles to North America. Lots of great resources.

Korean Megaliths by Byon Kwang-Hyon, on the great stone monuments of ancient times. (Korea has more dolmens, stone circles, standing stones, etc., than any other country.)

MatriFocus Award-winning cross-quarterly ezine: scholarship, goddesses, feminism, sacred earth, community, queer spirituality, women's health, mythology, and more.

Don's Maps: Resources for the study of Palaeolithic European, Russian and Australian Archaeology. A modest man: I couldn't find his last name! the best online source on paleolithic Eurasian figurines.

Zenobia: Empress Of The East Judith Weingarten's site on Zenobia: the Rebel Queen, and her world: Palmyra, the Syrian empress of Rome Julia Domna, and much more.

Sisters in Islam Malaysian feminist site, click around to find the articles and statements

Online articles by feminist historian Judith Bennett, on lesbians in medieval and early modern Europe, and the importance of women's history in understanding the "patriarchal equilibrium"

Roman priestesses and women's religion Lots of good images: Vestals, Isis devotees, objects...

Gender and Race in Colonial Latin America, with excerpts from original sources

Cultura Mapuche Estupenda colección de artículos e imágenes sobre la historia, religión, y filosofía mapuche, inclusas las machis (chamanes femeninas) y los símbolos del tejido mapuche.


Women News Network Video online clips! empowering women feminist news gender report newsglobal women's rights helping the world human rights activist news women and poverty

Because I am a girl... The deadly effects of boy-preference and patriarchal violence on girls

"Me, I'm a Camera": African Women Making Change by Ann Jones, who also does Ending Violence Against Women: Women's Voices from Conflict Zones =don't miss her links.

Hazel Dickens sings The Rebel Girl (plus great images and quotes from working class activists)

The Women's International Perspective. Culture, politics, war and peace, women's rights and human rights, water rights, and defense of Earth.

Off Our Backs: the Feminist Newsjournal. Founded in 1970.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws: international network with information and support for all women whose lives are shaped or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam.

Herstory: Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. Various high quality articles; don't miss the articles on prostitution, poverty, and Statements to the Left 1982-1986

Pakistani women's empowerment built by Mukhtar Mai, rape survivor who pressed charges and won an unprecedented settlement which she used to fund education, self-defense programs



Maria Yraceburu and the Grandmothers Summit, New Mexico, 2010 

Mamaroots: Ajama-Jebi by the artist Asungi AfraShe, with a pro-woman pro-African perspective

Medusa Coils: Fiercely defending, bravely exploring Goddess and spiritual feminisms. Judith Laura

Art by Max Dashu: reenvisioning the female, bold and spirited women

Musicians and Artists for Peace

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