Female Rebels and Mavericks

chinese woman getting ready to fightAudacious women who break the rules: adventurers, witches and wantons, lesbians, daredevils, free-thinkers, radicals, insurgents, and visionaries. A global spectrum of valiant and defiant women: Italian heretics, renegade Buddhist nuns, the runaway Afghani bride who became a Sufi master. Women who passed as men to fight in revolutions, practice medicine, and roam the world. Chinese marriage-resisters, U.S. free-lovers, and Hindu avadhutis who disregarded norms of female --or any-- dress. Non-conformist singers of rebetika, boleros, and the blues; tattooed women, acrobats, martial artists, unintimidated feminists, and fiery orators who spoke out against war and injustice of all kinds.

catalina de erauso


I went out of the convent;
I found myself on the street,
without knowing where to go;
that was no matter.
All I wanted was liberty
--Catalina Erausa (1585-1650) Basque adventurer

lucy colmna

Once engage in the dirty work of injuring one who does not believe in your creed, and the work grows apace; and worse than all else, such persons come to think they are really doing God a service for which they shall merit and obtain a high seat in heaven.
-- Lucy Colman (1818-1906) freethinker


A visual presentation by Max Dashu

90 minutes, with more time for discussion.
Requires digital projector, screen, mic.

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