Global Patterns of Colonization and Indigenous Resistance

settlers claiming Indigenous land

A history through images and symbols of European ideologies of colonization, and the ways that Original Peoples have fought back and preserved their cultures. We look at thefts of land and people, methods of manipulation including designating colonial puppet chiefs, endemic cultural bias against Original peoples, and the prehistory of these attitudes in Europe With a section on female leaders who led resistance to colonization through their own cultural Law.

indian people crown british captain and kneel before him

Scripts of supremacy: 1671 depiction of Indigenous Californians crowning
the privateer Sir Frances Drake and kneeling before him.

crescent-shaped pendant proclaiming wearer as a king

One of the many "king plates" given to Aboriginal men who their conquerors wanted to designate as leaders. Metal pendants like this were used in similar ways in North America, the Guyans, and in southern Africa.

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