Lesbian Heritages

visual presentation by Max Dashú

“I am a lesbian, I am reality; I insist on living in freedom” --Rebeldías Lesbicas

lesbians from Thailand, France, India, and the US

Woman-loving women, from archaeological finds of paired and embracing women, up to recent history. We look at Khotylevo, Çatal Hüyük, Mycenae, Nayarit, Etruria, Nok, and the Begram ivories. Also: lesbian love in Hellenistic art, Thai murals, Indian temple carvings, and various Asian erotic books. Names for lesbians: mati, zami, hwame, sakhiyani.

Lesbians as female rebels: Amazons. Okuni. Juana Asbaje. Louise Michel. Calamity Jane. Women who passed as men in order to practice medicine and roam the world. Punishing the lesbian: in the Bible, Zend Avesta, and Laws of Manu. Lesbian themes in demonological porn.

Lesbian musicians (Sotiria Bellou, Chavela Vargas, Ethyl Waters), artists (Edmonia Lewis, Romaine Brooks, Yan María Castro), writers (Emily Dickinson), and actors (Garbo!) Lesbian clubs, the scenes in Paris and Berlin. Lesbian feminists. Rebeldías Lesbicas in Peru; Arab, South African, Australian lesbians.

Live visual presentation. 90 minutes, with extra time
for discussion and questions (60-minute version also available).
Requirements: digital projector, screen, mic

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