Magna Mater and Isis of 10,000 Names
a visual presentation by Max Dashu

goddesses from Mediterranean countries

I am Isis, mistress of every land...
I laid down laws for humanity and ordained
       things that no one may change...
I am she who is called divine among women...
I divided the earth from the heaven
I made manifest the paths of the stars
I prescribed the course of the sun and moon...
—Aretalogy of Cyme

In late antiquity, Goddess cultures of many cultures were hybridized under the Roman empire. You'll see the enthusiastic spread of Isis veneration, of the Magna Mater as Kybele, Atargartis, Artemis Ephesia (and later Black Diana), Dea Caelestis, Fortuna, the Matronae / Matres, Rosmerta, Sirona, Epona, Tanit, al-Uzza, and Tyche. Learn how their symbols and attributes combined and spread (so that Fortuna borrowed the rudder of Isis and Isis was shown with the Italian cornucopia); and how Isis Lactans became a template for icons of the Madonna.

stone carving of goddess head flanked by doves

Atargatis, from a Syrian temple at Dura Europos

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What happened after state decree of Christianity: the Goddess Veiled


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