Print by Max Dashu, 11 x 17 inches

Wyrd Tree:
From the Weird Sisters and Fates to Fatas, Faeries, Siddhe and Bergfolk

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Ancient tree with names of the Wyrd Sisters and other Fates, fatas, and faeries

This print was created as a meditation on the interweave of names for Fates:
Germanic names growing out of ancient Indo-European verbs of turning and becoming,
also related to English words for worship and ritual, Latinate names arising out of verbs
of prophetic speech, and eventually becoming names for faery divinities, both land spirits
and souls of the dead, and many other faery names referring to "people of the mound"
and to threefold faery godmothers, witch-goddesses, folk rituals of divination, and so on.



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