How you can support the Suppressed Histories Archives

Donate online by credit card via PayPal (not tax-deductible).

You can also mail a check or money order made out to Max Dashu, PO Box 5377, Richmond CA 94805. If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, please send a check to the same address to be forwarded to our fiscal sponsor (details here). This is the only way to make a tax-deductible donation.)

Buy the Women’s Power dvd and convene showings for your community. Give it as a gift, or alternatively a poster: Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers or the new Sacra Vulva.

Suggest that your library, school, or religious group buy the dvd, if possible at the institutional rate. Or gift them with a copy!

Sponsor presentations or get local institutions to sponsor them (travel expenses must be included).

Spread the word: Tell people about the SHA website and the Women’s Power dvd. Email friends or your mailing list about the online videos on the SHA site. Visit the maxdashu channel on Youtube, subscribe, and "favorite" the ones you like.

Add a link to the Suppressed Histories site or the dvd pages (Women’s Power in Global Perspective; Woman Shaman: the Ancients) to your website or blog.

Write a reviews of the dvds for a blog, magazine, or publication that you read and like.

Visit the SHA website.

In-kind donations are welcome. The Archives needs a wireless headset mic (for live presentations), and a digital video camera (for recording/archiving presentations).

Buy art by Max Dashu Fine color prints, cards, magnets, T-shirts, and posters

Art collectors have a special opportunity to invest in original paintings whose value is sure to increase:

The Wisdom Scroll (1999-2001) Images of six wisdom goddesses, as seen by Egyptians, Hebrews, Hindus, Pueblo Nations, Chinese, and Italians. Original acrylic painting on antique linen, 7 feet by 16 inches, mounted on masonite with scroll finials. $9,000.

High-quality giclée prints on canvas of The Wisdom Scroll are also available. 57 x 13 inches. $300.
The canvas rolls can be framed, stretched or attached to scroll finials.

Lifegivers of Tahuantinsuyu (1978-84)
Oil painting, 5 feet square (beautifully framed in custom-made curly maple and redwood) $9,000.

Calling at the Pictish Stone. Original watercolor and ink, 14 x 16 inches, silver frame. $700.

Ayyyhyt Giclée digital print on canvas 18 x 24 inches $300.

You can also custom order giclée prints of most other Art by Max Dashu.

Email queries
with name of work and desired output size for price quotes.