The Suppressed Histories Archives new Female Icons poster ..... created by historian Max Dashu

ancient female statuettes from around the world

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Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers


The assemblage of ancient female figurines recollects
the world's primordial spiritual art in all its diversity,
its deep continuities and global connections.

Shown, from left top: Italy, Sudan, Egypt, Russia, Ecuador, Siberia, France, Morocco, Alaska, Japan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Mexico, China, Zimbabwe, Manchuria, Iraq, Iran, Peru, Turkey, Brazil, Utah, Hungary, Chad, India, Greenland, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Britain, Israel, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Illinois, Kurdistan, Sulawesi, Louisiana, Brazil, Kenya, Sudan. More information about places, dates, and contexts.

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:: see the two new Female Icons videos online ::

Icons of the Matrix:
2004 article by Max Dashu on global cultural patterns of female icons

The Meanings of Goddess: on interpretation, authority, and
the devaluation of female iconography
Part I: What we mean when we say “Goddess”
Part II: Goddess Heresies: the legacies of stigma in academia
Part III: Essentialism or Essence: Out from the Land of Theory

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