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array of female sculptures proudly showing vulvas

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Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers

Our Reproductive Rights!

:: New :: Vulva Stones poster

It's not a "vagina," it's a vulva!
Harriet Lerner

whatcha got down there?

Reclaiming the Magic of the Vulva

Clitoral & Labial Size: Celebrating Diversity

Vulva Drawings From Sex For One
Betty Dodson

The 'Perfect' Porn Vulva: Cosmetic Genital Surgery
By Rebecca Chalker

Labial Reduction Surgery: Risky, Bad Idea
but way too popular, and profitable. Just google it!

Intersex Rights vs. Medical Interventions
Genital surgeries on babies who don't fit,
children traumatized as medical "case" displays, & more

Taming the Female Body
visual presentation by Max Dashu








The Numinous Female:
Vitality, Joy, Protective Power

Icons from Vanuatu, Ecuador, Brazil, Cyclades, Iroquoia, Costa Rica, Belau, Iran, Egypt, Nicaragua, Congo, Canaan, Australia, India, Congo, Nepal, Colombia, Gabon, Rapa Nui, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chad, Vietnam, Britain, Serbia, and Cameroon ... See where they're from + more info

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Read more about global cultural patterns of female icons:
Sacra Vulva article by Max Dashu
(from her visual presentation Sacra Vulva.)

Vulva Power: Warding Off Danger
by Max Dashu

Remember the Ijaw women who took over Chevron's oil-drilling platforms in the Niger delta, putting the guards to flight by threatening to take off their clothes? Their action belongs to an international style of female action, self-defense, and resistance.

Cunctipotence: Elemental Female Potency
by Jane Caputi

Archaeomythology: Pomo Baby Rocks
Elizabeth Quick

City of Joy: for Congo Rape Survivors

Walking the Path of Unity Tostan, Senegal

Global Women Intact Sia Amma

"I am a Clitoris Activist" more on Sia Amma

Kembatta Women's Center Ethiopia

Stopping Excision in Burkina Faso

Moolaade: Interview with Semebene Ousmane

Guinea Campaign Against Excision
Video (with new womanhood ceremonies)

Until the Violence Stops V-Day don't-miss video

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