Suppressed Histories Archives; Real women, global vision

Celebrating 44th anniversary ~ SHA founded in 1970 with these aims:

Archaic Greek bowl in Libyan influenced styleTo uncover international women’s history, and document it through images, texts, visual presentations and movies. To make the truths of women visible and audible and known, in all their rich complexity.

To educate people about female spheres of power, including shamans and priestesses, mother-right cultures and the histories of indigenous nations and common people.

To analyze how patriarchy, slavery, and empire developed and spread. To remedy the obliteration of information that challenges patterns of domination, and to critique the misrepresentations and omissions that uphold oppression, that obscure how oppressions inter-relate.

To recover the cultural riches of goddess veneration, shamanic arts, and aboriginal philosophies of spirit.

Above all, to create an reintegrated perspective on women that reweaves the severed categories of archaeology, written history, orature, linguistics, anthropology, political science, art, and comparative religion—into an interdisciplinary body of knowledge.

The goal of the Suppressed Histories Archives is to expand and spread this knowledge, making it widely accessible so that deep cultural transformation can take place.

If these goals are important to you, please vote for them by contributing
—so that the Archives has the resources needed to carry them out.

What’s next: Plans for 2014

Prepare the first volume of The Secret History of the Witches for publication: final edits, bibliographical checks, render graphics, format in InDesign, index manuscript, cover and book design. (See book outline.)

The Suppressed Histories Image Digitization and webpage expansion:
Ongoing: scanning the Suppressed Histories slide collection for DVDs, Powerpoint shows, web pages, and online videos. Get the visual resources out there!


Condorhuasi vessel in the form of a woman, ArgentinaIcons of the Sacred Woman:
Art Installation: a shrine constructed out of tiled images of ancient female figurines from all over the world, visually dramatizing women’s centrality in ancient religion and culture and deep symbolic continuities across vast distances of time and space. Surrounding it will be wall-mounted and hanging images on fabric, paper, and other media. (Primary expenses: Art paper, wood, tiles; color toner; transfer paper; fabric and wood for structures, mouting, large format digital output, and labor)

Seal of female general and priestess Fu Hao, Shang dynastyWomen's Power dvd:

Spanish edition (translation and new voiceover)

Youth edition

DVD: Rebel Shamans: Indigenous Women Confront Empire


iraqi pattern