Booking the Suppressed Histories Series

To book a Suppressed Histories presentation contact Max Dashu

All presentations are live visual talks presented by Max Dashu. Most are Kodak Carousel presentations, but a dozen have been converted to digital format. (See catalog for details.)
Average length 90 minutes; 60 minute or shorter versions can
be arranged. Time for questions and discussion follows.
(Talks can also be given in Spanish.)

Tech requirements are simple:
a Kodak Carousel slide projector with remote advance
(or, depending on the presentations, a digital projector)
a mic, and a screen or white wall suitable for projection.

The Suppressed Histories Archives receives no institutional funding.
All research is funded solely through presentations.
Your support for independent scholarship is appreciated.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT Max Dashu and the Suppressed Histories Series:

"It was our pleasure to have you here, and the faculty were impressed by the presentation, having no idea of numerous women you discussed." --Wendy Griffin, Director of Women and Gender Studies, California State University- Long Beach, 2008

"We recently hosted Max Dashu's riveting visual presentation, Female Rebels and Mavericks, here at Dimond. The response to her program by one of our largest audiences for an adult program was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Max's comprehensive knowledge of countless courageous women whose accomplishments span the ages and continents is astounding, and the unique visual documentation she has collected brings these important figures to life. Our patrons are already asking us to invite her back." --Jane Courant, Oakland Public Library, 2009

"Thanks for a great slide show presentation at Media Education Foundation. So informative, so radical in analysis, and an important blend of documenting the oppression of women and also our resistance. Thanks for sharing this important analysis with the community." Nayiree Roubinian, Rain and Thunder, Northampton MA, 2009

"All of us got so much out of your presentation. It was a joy and an inspiration. We are all saying an enthusiastic yes to having you come next year. Thank you for doing the work you do. It makes a difference!" --Lynn Roberson, Counseling and Support Services, M.I.T., 2004

"Your wealth of knowledge and your passion about your work shines through... a great way to close Women's History Month!" --Kathy Fluckiger, University of Connecticut at Storrs, 2003

“The importance and impact of your work is immeasurable. Thank you for your dedication and vision." —Karla Robinson, director, Tapestry, San Francisco program for at-risk girls

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your articles on Suppressed Histories. I am teaching a class on Black Indians in which we discuss different histories that led up to the creation of Black Indians. I printed up copies of “Racism, History and Lies” and gave them to my students so we could discuss them at length. Thank you.” --Ananda Sattwa, University of California – Berkeley, 2006

“I have the profoundest respect for your work, and am always heartened by it.” –Bernedette Muthien, director of Engender NGO, Capetown, South Africa

“Hafa adai Max, I loved the video clip and want to buy a copy of ALL your work. So well done and such a great topic. Thank you for your work.” ---Shannon Murphy, Chamorro historian and editor of

“… what most amazed me is your incredible synthesis of material from cultures and chronologies spanning the globe. You have a vast corpus of material to draw from and I think that that breadth of detailed knowledge, combined with ‘pattern formation,’ is one of the strongest methodologies for the ‘recovery’ of suppressed histories.” --Leslie Gamble, University of Florida

“Thank you for all that you do. Know that I value you and your work very highly… Thanks for being in the world, in my lifetime.” —Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya and Carnival of the Spirit, Iyanifa and founder of Ilé Orunmila Oshun

“Max thank you so much for all the incredible research you’ve done all these years! Was blown away by the presentation! Your work is an invaluable, huge, and profound contribution to all women on this planet, and consequently to all people of the world that will long outlive you! I deeply appreciate and give thanks for all you do.” —Lenn Keller, lesbian filmmaker, Oakland CA

“To say that I am impressed with what I have just seen on your website is an understatement. I am truly stunned by the range and depth of your knowledge and vision. It is very powerful and so much more extensive than anything I've seen before. Thank you for this important work.” —Gloria Orenstein, professor of Literature and Gender Studies, University of Southern California

“Peace, I don't know you but thanks for being here, we need this.” --Arbra Tawwab, via the Suppressed Histories Archives website

“I hold all your work as a breathtaking and vital accomplishment for one lifetime! It helps us remember and construct the importance of our past, present and future.” ---Deborah Grenn, director of the Lilith Institute

“My whole crew was awed by your presentation. I believe, and so did the others, that the DVD you are creating is very important, Max. I laud you for your many talents and your years of loving dedication to the service of women, and thus service to us all.” –Judith Hand, author of Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace

"Your presentation was outstanding. As always, the depth of your knowledge and your command of the subject is truly incredible. You made the subject come alive." --Dr. Pat Grady, California State University - Sacramento, 2001

"I want to thank you for the important work you do. It's vital that our young women know that they have a legacy of strong women and that they can do and be anything that they want to. Pidameya yedo (thank you, indeed)." --Vicki Lockard, Editor of Canku Ota, 2001

"I think what you are doing is amazing and this DVD is brilliant. I will have to watch it over and over again. I will also be sharing your website with so many friends. Thank you for making this information available." I wish I had learnt this at high school. --Anna Mason

"The slideshow was amazing. I think that your work is invaluable; it certainly has caused me to think differently both about history and the present."---Brenda J. Myers, Women's Center, Northwestern University

"Your presentation was insightful, fascinating, and so chock-full of information that I'm still reeling from it! You have clearly done your research, and I learned more about women cross-culturally and across history in an hour than I ever would have dreamed possible." --Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner

"I was very pleased and excited to learn that so much of what I have been searching for has been found and is indeed available. Seeing your slide presentation was the kind of experience that confirms years of hope and suspicion about the history of women specifically and people of color in general."--Ajay Revels, African-American Student Services, University of Mexico-Albuquerque

"Your slide presentation on Women of Power was definitely an empowering experience. The combination of your excellent research and your stunning slides brought out much needed facts about women's ignored history. Your presentation makes a serious challenge to the formal history we were all taught in school. The visual images of women as leaders in positions of power and in many cultures will remain with me long after the facts are forgotten..." ---Cheryl Harrison, Chico State University

"Informative and stimulating...The attention to detail and accuracy of anecdotes relating to each slide is impressive research on realities long overlooked and ignored." ---Rosario L. Guerrero, Center for the Study, Education and Advancement of Women, University of California at Berkeley

"Your lecture provided a very important and necessary perspective on women's issues and history, bringing often hidden women to the forefront..."--Kate Stinger, Herstory Committee, Stanford University

"A mí me gustó mucho las curanderas. Yo aprendí que las mujeres pueden ser todo lo que quieran. Espero que vengas a nuestra escuela."---Casey, 2nd Grade, Buena Vista School, San Francisco

"The history of women goes deeper than I ever thought. I want to thank you for giving our class such a special treat. It was neat to see the guys absorbing all this information about women. Maybe we'll get more respect now."---Katherine Zimmerman, South Fork High School, Miranda CA

"We were all impressed with Max's slides and accompanying consummate knowledge of each of them. Her lecture put the visuals in a context that my students clearly understood and enjoyed. They were with her every step of the way. I can give Ms Dashu only the highest recommendations on her dynamic presentations on Women's History. She is a tremendous resource in an area that has been largely ignored by the traditional history curriculum."---Gary Glassman, History Department Chair, South Fork HS, Miranda CA

"Ms Dashu's presentation turned out to be a valuable tool...Originally she was to appear solely at the department staff meeting. After seeing the slides, however, the teachers wanted her to share her knowledge with as many students as possible... Ms Dashu's handling of the difficulties of the high school setting--limited time periods, crowded classrooms, sometimes restless students--was commendable. The general staff and students' evaluations of the shows was that Ms Dashu offered them an important, unique visual introduction to the US History course sequence."--Susan Groves, Chair of History Dept, Berkeley High School

"Your keynote slide presentation Women of Power was extremely well received. Feedback to my office continues to be positive."---S. Lynn Mitchell, Bell Laboratories, Naperville IL

"Max, I've assigned my students to read two articles in your website on patriarchy and conquest. The course is Women in Global Perspective. Your work looks great to me!" --Hye-Sook Hwang, Claremont Graduate University, CA, 2008

"I just want to thank you for doing the work that needs to be done. Write On! Black children are suffocated in public schools across the country. The air of supremacy is so thick in the classroom that their souls can't breathe.  And We continue to send them to thier intellectual and spiritual deaths. Thanks again for your Website." -- P. Muzi Branch, 2006

"Superlative! This show is much too unique..."---Marlene Metcalf

"Nothing less than brilliant..."--Ashley Sinclaire, California State University-Sacramento

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