Woman Shaman Series: The Ancients
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Gestures of calling in, benediction, gathering power, from Australia, Baja California, Algeria, Niger, Arabia, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Crete, Ukraine, Canaan, Germany, Central African Republic, Peru, Italy, Nigeria, Mexico, Britain, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, and Apache Nation.



Ancient Shamans

The oldest known shaman burial (in Canaan) and another in Siberia; Egypt, Anatolia, China, Korea, Mexico, Greece, Italy, the Black Sibyls, Python oracles of southeastern Africa (and Surinam); Chuvash and other Uralic shamans, central Asia priestesses, the sacred mirror of Bactria and Tibet--and Machig Lapdron.


Trance, Shapeshifters, Spirit Flight

Out-of-body journeys, shapeshifting and animal doubles, shamanic steeds (dragons, stags, eagles, chimeras); serpent powers, bees, wolves, and tigers. Ancient Spain, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, Scandinavia, Arctic, China, Bulgaria, Iran, Mexico, Ecuador, Crete and Greece, Canaan, France, Italy, Zimbabwe, Congo, India; entheogens in Peru, Siberia, Chad.

woman sucking out illness through a horn


The Shamanic Witch in Europe

Cauldrons, wands, crystals, horns and drums. Women with wolves, ravens, and snakes. Ethnic names for witch as knower, chanter, shapeshifter, herb-woman. Goddess of the witches and the witches' ride on shamanic animals (and brooms). Diabolization and burnings. Familiars, daturas, flying ointments, witch-mounts and other destinations. Saunas, smudging, herbal chants, and diviners.

Sacred Dance and Drum (short, in development)

Saharan and South African rock art, Iran, China, Russia, Korea, Crete, Greece, Vietnam, India, Anatolia, Iraq, Canaan.


Woman Shaman Series: Living Traditions

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