Xi Wang Mu: Tigress-shaman, Cosmic Weaver

Xi Wang Mu attained it and took her seat on Shao Guang mountain.
No one knows her beginning and no one knows her end. --Zhuang Ze

xiwangmu sitting on mountainside with birds bringing berries

Max Dashu presents a visual talk on the ancient Chinese goddess, Grandmother or Queen Mother xiwangmu with animalsof the West, and her many guises from the Shan Hai Jing to the Zhuang Ze and other classics.

We look at her attributes from the Tiger and Dragon Throne, Sheng headdress, Tai Yin and Metal Mother in the Five Phases. Also, her guardianship of Kun Lun mountain and the Peach Tree of Immortality, road of spirits and shamans, as well as the Celestial Grindstone.

And her animal spirits including the Three-Legged Raven, Dancing Frog and Elixir Pounding Hare. Festival of the Double Sevens, and Xi Wangmu as the goddess of women elders and initiator of shamans and adepts.


She is controller of the Grindstone and the Five Shards constellations of the heavens.
—Shan Hai Jing


Visual Talks by Max Dashu. All titles are live visual presentations (average 90 minutes)
with a break midway and more time for questions and discussion.
Tech requirements: digital projector with VGA cable, screen, and mic.

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