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petroglyph with concentric circles

Ancient Galicia and Portugal

Upis of Lydia / Artemis Ephesia

Continuities of the Anatolian Goddess

Predynastic Kemetic priestess
or Goddess in Riverboat
in 6 media: ceramics, rock art, murals,
fabric, figurines and a dagger haft

Pomo Dreamers and Doctors:
Essie Parrish and Mabel McKay


Orthodox Church campaign to suppress
popular Balkan folk healers
in Bulgaria and Macedonia

Bee-women, priestesses, and goddesses in Cretan and Mycenean art of the Bronze Age

Goddess of the Drums
and Women Drummers

Roman Amazons, priestesses,
and harvesters

women and animalsNorth African Rock Murals
A series on countries rarely covered
in art histories: Libya, Chad, Niger

matured woman with rich headdress and jewelry, painted stone

Priestesses of Ancient Spain
in the Iberian period, 5th century forward

naked women dancing: black-figure vase painting in archaic style

Archaic Greece: a very different view.
Women's dances, snakes, ceremony.

array of proud vulvasSee it!

golden pectoral with female breasts

Colombian Gold
Female breast pectorals and other regalia of the Quimbaya, Tairona and SinĂº cultures

fine ceramic sculpture of woman

Ecuadorian Orantes and ancient figurines from Valdivia and Jamacoaque

The woman who dances with tigers,
and the tigress-goddess in
ancient seals from the Indus valley


goddess flanked by trees, ancient Indian ringstone

Ancient Indian Goddess: the Ringstones, Devi, Lotus, Trees and Animals


Birger figurine near Cahokia Illinois

The Mississippian Civilization

Have you seen these magnificent female statuettes in pipestone ...

mugirwa oracular priestess dancing, Uganda

The Nyabingi Oracles of East Africa
The legend of Nyabingi began with the Amazon queen Kitami and a sacred drum...

Greek bowl with Libyan figures

The Libyan Connection
Another perspective on the roots of Greek
culture: archaeology, not theory...

Detail from BaPende ancestral relief, woman's head

Ancestral Mothers of the BaPende
Beautiful wooden sculpture
from southern Congo...

ancient female figurines

Female Icons
A world-wide pattern of reverence for the ancestral mothers has gone largely unacknowledged ...

painted clay woman from Costa Rica

Places and dates for images in the poster
Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers

Kwakiutl chieftainess, Shipibo pot, and Nushu women's script from China

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