Live Visual Talks by Max Dashu

visual presentations by Max Dashu

All titles are live visual presentations (average 90 minutes) plus a break midway and time for questions and discussion at the end.



Ancient Treasures of African Women

Treasures of African Women II

Suppressed Histories: Egypt (2 full length shows)

Suppressed Histories: Nubia / Sudan

Suppressed Histories: Sahara

Suppressed Histories: Ethiopia

Suppressed Histories: Nigeria

Suppressed Histories: Zimbabwe

Africana Style: women's dress



Suppressed Histories: Mississippia

Suppressed Histories: Northeast America

Suppressed Histories: Southwestern Pueblos

Suppressed Histories: the Maya

Suppressed Histories: Mexico

Suppressed Histories: Ecuador

Suppressed Histories: Brazil

Sacred Women in the Americas

Women of the African Diaspora



Canaanite and Hebrew Goddesses

Suppressed Histories: Ancient Arabia

Suppressed Histories: India (3 part)

Suppressed Histories: China (3 part)

The Wu: Female Shamans in Old China

Suppressed Histories: Japan

Suppressed Histories: Iran

Suppressed Histories: Afghanistan

Xi Wangmu: Cosmic Weaver



Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe

Suppressed Histories: Central Europe

Suppressed Histories: Spain / Portugal

Suppressed Histories: Crete

Suppressed Histories: Greece (4 parts)

Suppressed Histories: Italy (3 parts)

Women in Norse Tradition

Women in Slavic and Baltic Tradition

Witches and Pagans: Down to the Roots

The Distaff: Goddess, Fates, and Women's Power

Fates, Fatas and Faerie

The Goddess Veiled

Sheela-na-gigs and Apocryphal Saints

Witch Hunts




Women's Power, Women's Oppression, Women's History

Women's Power in Global Perspective

Mother-Right / Matricultures

Female Liberators

Rebel Shamans: Women Confront Empire

Woman Shaman: the Ancients


Invocation, Trance, and Spirit Flight

Living Traditions: Female Shamans of Asia, Banganga and Oracular Women of Africa, Medicine Women of the Americas

Legacies of the Priestesses

Amazons and Women Warriors

Lesbian Heritages

Treasures from the Suppressed Histories Archives




Taming the Female Body

Female Rebels: Dangerous Women

Racism, History and Lies

Global Patterns: Colonizers and Resistance

Persecutory Culture


Female Icons (ancient figurines)

Paleo Grandmothers

Deasophy: Goddess Wisdom

The Cosmic Weaver

Snake Women

Lady of the Animals

Chaos and Wisdom: Cosmogonies

Sacred Signs

Magna Mater under the Roman Empire

Sacred Dance, Women's Ceremony

Breasts! pots, doors, pectorals, founts

Sacra Vulva

Sacred Stones

Megalithic Cultures Worldwide

All titles are live visual presentations by Max Dashu. 90 minutes,
with a break, plus time for questions and discussion at the end.
(Available in shortened 60 minute versions.)

Tech requirements: digital projector (with small table and
extension cords where needed), screen, and a mic

Description pages are still being added.
Please enquire on unlinked titles.

Coming soon:

The European Conquests

Mother-tech: women's inventions


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